Keeping a Positive Attitude during Internships and Training

June 26, 2020

Sometimes people can become discouraged by internships; internships can be very low-paying, and some do not pay at all. This can make people feel undervalued and overworked, and a positive mental attitude becomes hard to obtain and even harder to sustain. Though it is easy to become disappointed or angry, a positive mental attitude should not be overlooked and, if possible, should be cultivated.

Keeping a Positive Attitude during Internships and Training

Be happy!

Why, you ask, do you need to be positive in a job that you are doing for very little money, if not for free? Shouldn’t they be happy to have you there at all, doing so much work?

A positive attitude can get you far in life, and internships are no exception. A smile on your face can work wonders when endearing you to coworkers and bosses, and you will be remembered for your positive attitude and go-for-it attitude. A positive attitude does not only include smiling but also the ability to help other people with their work and be willing to do a little extra. For example, do not just do your job, nine to five, and leave without asking if anything else needs doing or if anyone could use your help. We know how tempting it is to leave and begin a relaxing evening, but doing a little extra can really pay off when it comes to making an impression and, in these economic times, a good impression can help to start you moving up the career ladder.

Having a good attitude and being helpful does not mean that you should not have boundaries. In no job is it good to be a doormat and let others take advantage of you, and this is no less true for internships. Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of interns and though you should do so courteously, it is okay to tell people when something is not your job (if you are feeling belittled), or that you cannot stay in the office hours after everyone else has gone home. Staying to help for ten minutes is one thing, but being asked—repeatedly—to miss your lunch break or spend evenings in the office is not appropriate. Showing good boundaries will tell others how you expect to be treated and if you do so with a smile and without raising your voice, this can get you far.

We may be stating the obvious, but a cliché often becomes so for a good reason. A positive attitude can get you far in life, and showing one during internships or training is very important. Always try to act professional and when stating your boundaries, do so gently and with a smile. You will be remembered for your good attitude, and you never know when a connection you have made during an inspiring interns internship can really help you out in life. Likewise, making a bad impression can hurt your chances of being hired in the future, so keep that positive attitude and don’t become discouraged!

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