Successful Marketing Tips for SMBs to Follow in 2018

Eyeing for a bigger share of the market? Sadly, most marketing strategies demand big budget while making it difficult for a small business to stand out. The tight budget and limited time make it hard for the young startups to compete with the corporate giants.

With the changing consumer behavior and marketing trends, establishing a brand is more challenging than ever. However, with a little planning and new subtle practice, you will be able to grow your bottom line.  Here are some best marketing tips that will lead to the path of your small business to success.

Convey Your Brand’s Story

Branding Tips

Everyone knows Steve Jobs began Apple computers from his home garage and Jack Ma, the founder of Ali Baba, was rejected from Harvard 10 times. So, what’s your brand story?

Thousands of businesses are there that offer the same services as you.  So how will you distinguish yourself from the crowd? One of the best ways to do this is by telling the story behind your brand.

Customers are more likely to be loyal to the brand that inspires confidence.  Let them know how the idea triggered in your mind and what sparked your interest and what issue you intend to solve.

Offer Over-The-Top Customer Experience

Now consumers have more choices than ever. So, if you choose to compete on price, it can be a race to the bottom as there will always be someone who offers a lower cost than you. Here the trick of

Treating customers like royalty will work. As per the Temkin Group: loyal consumers are 5 times more likely to return, repurchase, and forgive and 7 times more likely to try a new offering, and 4 times more likely to refer. Building loyal customers are hard work, but it pays off.

Go For Video Reviews

The new generation is tickled more by video than text. Also, people prefer to do research and read reviews before purchasing anything. So, you can use this fact to your advantage by publishing video reviews. Reviews have more impact than direct online adverts.

Make explanatory videos about the product or services you offer and try to make it fun and informative.  You can even get an influencer to spread the word about your business if it aligns with your budget.  This way, you can increase the footfall to your business this 2018.

Provide Free Samples of Your Products

Giving out free sample or trial can work wonder for the small businesses.  Although it is not possible with some stuff like furniture or large electric appliance, other things like fabric can be given as a sample.

Similarly, a service provider can offer a trial to customer and clients to let them experience how beneficial it could be to their lives or business.

Get Into Live Streaming

In this tech-laden era, people live in the cloud.  Most of the consumers have an affinity for interactive videos and live streaming can help you reach that audience. You can start with a Facebook video, and you will see the reactions instantly in the form of emoji hovering on the screen.

Successful businesses are increasingly adopting live streaming to interact with their target audience and showcase products. You can take it up a notch with teasers, special events, limited offers, office tours etc. Also, don’t constraint your marketing medium to a single channel to explore many platforms like Instagram, YouTube and others to amplify your brand with the potential of live video.

Create Content That Add Value

Nothing drives more traffic and revenue to a business than the company blog. The biggest mistake done by small businesses is they just focus on selling the product instead of helping the customer.

Create content that provides some value to the readers. Also, don’t set unrealistic goals and don’t give up too early.  Remember, marketing business is a long-term commitment that comes with a huge payoff.

Lastly, seek advice from some SEO experts to get found and outrank the competition.

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10 Tips for Self Marketing and Self Promotion

When running a company or offering contracting services, one must know how to market their ideas. To most people, this is a difficult task. Fortunately, an entrepreneur or independent worker can promote his or her ideas with ease. Here are ten tips for self-marketing and self-promotion.

Website: One must create a website that showcases their skills and ideas. With this step, one can connect with interested people all over the world. At the same time, an entrepreneur should have an e-mail address attached to the website URL. Ideally, one would buy a domain name that matches their first and last name.

Business CardVideo: People love to watch videos on YouTube. When looking to market an idea, one should take advantage of this by making a compelling marketing video. If this task is difficult, an individual can outsource the project to a professional.

Business card: A person who wants to hand out information on the fly must have a business card. It can be as simple as a card with one’s e-mail address, telephone number and website address. Remember, people still love this old-school method to exchange contact information.

Toll free number: When giving out a business card, one can make an impact when having a toll-free number. Furthermore, potential customers are likely to call an toll free number as it costs them nothing. The next best thing to a toll free number is a local number, many virtual office services can provide you with a dedicated phone number for your business anlong with many other features click here for more information.

Blog: One should make weekly blog posts on their website. When posting often, an entrepreneur can market his or her ideas to excited followers. This is a great method for someone who wants to gain attention without spending money.

Social media: When having social media accounts, one can communicate with potential clients. Of course, a user must post relevant and interesting ideas on his or her pages. When doing so, followers will feel compelled to respond or share the information with friends.

Guest blogging: An expert in a field should offer to make guest posts. When writing relevant and intriguing information, an individual can create plenty of interest in their products or ideas.

Link exchanges: With this step, one can build a long-term marketing plan. Ideally, one should contact other businesses or people to trade a link to their website. This will help an individual climb in the SEO ranks and gain more visitors.

Book: An expert should write and distribute an e-book. When creating a book on an interesting subject, one can gain plenty of excited followers. One should not be intimidated by the step since most people can write a book when they put their mind to it.

When starting out, a confident independent contractor should give away their product or service. When doing so, one can gain a long-term customer. Remember, when giving away services, make sure it is to interested parties. In the end, a professional who has confidence in his or her work will have no problem working for free to get started.

Marketing is difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, when following these easy tips, a person can gain followers in his or her product.

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